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Here’s WHY I want to Help you and WHY I want To be Your agent….


What if your whole life you’ve been surrounded by a system that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and therefore, a lack of information is shared to those who need it most? For the last two years, I’ve been obsessed with discovering what THE ONE THING that can make the difference in Medicare for YOU is?


Not long ago I, was finishing up high-school, with an undefined purpose in life about to send off to college for 4 years. I wasn’t one of those guys destined to transform the ideology of an entire industry and touch many people. What changed?


II discovered a secret about the insurance industry overlooked by most. This secret changed the direction of my career, it was a shortcut.


What is this secret that every other insurance agent misses?


Providing Value First

What Does Providing Value First Mean To You?


Providing Value First is NOT being an insurance agent only to make a sale

– providing you value first will show you that I can help you


Providing Value First is NOT about just skimming over basic plan options

– providing you value first will demonstrate how dedicated I am to your needs




Here’s Why I’m The Best Agent For You…


Providing value first helped me go from being an average insurance agent to being someone that can completely understand your situation and tailor to your current circumstance.


Last year I gave my first seminar, over 100 people attended. Of course, you can imagine leading up to the seminar I was insecure about a few things, the first being my public speaking ability and the second being my age. But there was one thing that made all of those insecurities vanish for me.


I gained confidence because I knew I was there to provide as much value as I could to those who attended. My mission became to make Medicare simple, easy, and stress-free. It is a complicated topic, but I didn’t want it to be, so I started by providing value.

I Became Dedicated To Helping Others


Now I spend most of my time giving educational Seminars and workshops on Medicare. The response I received after my first seminar was so out of this world, that I was invited back for a second year.


My ambition to circulate as much knowledge on Medicare does not stop there. Doing just one seminar in my area has sparked a lot of interest from others, I am now doing 15+ more all across the low country.


Giving that seminar provided me direction in this industry. It allowed me to see, at scale, that everyone does have a different situation.


There is no one size fits all when it comes to Medicare. So why do other agents treat it like that?


Now is the time to give me a young insurance agent who truly cares for your needs, a shot. I want to help you, so what’s the best number to connect with you?


I wanted to give you one last recap on how I can help you. Here’s how:


I work for you, and I aim to make sure that all of your needs are met. I will ask you the questions to allow me to understand your situation so that I can help you find a plan that best fits you. At the very least I will ensure you’ll be able to rest comfortably knowing what you already have is working for you.



So, click below to get in touch with me.


MY PERSONAL LINE: (843) 683-1911


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